CHIGO Product



R410A 60Hz


The units meet 2016 DOE requirement,DOE EER up to 12.8.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps Product Specifications


1.High Energy Efficiencies

2.Silent Design

Optimized air discharge channel design,specialized blower wheel,bogger diameter,lower rotational speed,all contributing better noise control.Indoor noise level(L/H ) 46/48dB(A).

3.Freeze Protection and Overheating Sentinel

Units can sense and protect against damage caused by freezing <34°F and over heating danger according to temperature around coil >149°F.

4.Self Diagnostics

Our units have function of self check error,meanwhile all units can tolerate error internally and automatically restore normally.Also error code will show on electric display.

5.Easy Installation and Maintenances

Nearly all chassis structure is designed by integral type,whole form air discharge channel,sealed electric PCB box,outdoor sub assembly structure,most parts are under new mould,thus people can install and maintain all the parts easily.Also nylon mesh filters is easy to lift for cleaning.

6.Universal Heater

Electric heater has different level 2kW,2.5kW,3kW,3.6kW,5kW.

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