GCHV Launched New Generation CHV Pro VRF


CHV Pro VRF is the new generation full DC inverter EVI VRF system of GCHV in 2019, single unit capacity from 8HP~32HP, Max. combination capacity up to 128HP, up to 100 indoor units can be connected in one system. CHV Pro has a wide operation temperature range, cooling from -10℃~55℃,heating from -30℃~30℃,It uses refrigerant to cool down inverter modular board to keep it in a safe condition when temperature is up to 55 ˚C, Due to EVI technology, CHV PRO’s heating performance increased by 35% and still has 85% of rated capacity in -15 ˚C. In case of power shortage, CHV PRO can run power saving mode to ease generator's pressure. With AI cloud server, you can realize malfunction forecasting and remote control function, so engineers can do the long distance remote commissioning & diagnosis by phone or tablet through internet. CHV pro built-in with smart refrigerant auto check function, which can give suggestion about refrigerant status, auto refrigerant charging function is also available. various new functions are developed, such as electrical lock, GPRS location and data transfer, auto defrosting while operation, double backup of outdoor units and compressors and so on.