Chigo HVAC Global Reference Projects Case Study(School)


Project Name:  Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University

Location: Foshan, China

Equipment Installed: CMV-X+ VRF

Project DescriptionFoshan City is located in the Pearl River Delta. It is hot in summer and cold in winter. The school is a public place with many classrooms and dense population. The climate is hot and cold, the equipment needs to be managed centrally, and the teachers and students need a quiet learning environment. There are high standards for efficient air conditioning control and quiet operation of equipment. CMV-X+ VRF equipped with DC inverter compressor, powerful output, rapid temperature control, energy saving and efficiency increase; 25 ° C - 55 ° C wide operating range, combined with 9 integrated noise control technologies, it effectively reduces the running noise.

Project NameUniversity Of Mitrovica

LocationMitrovica , Kosovo

Equipment InstalledModular Chiller

Project DescriptionKosovska Mitrovica is a city in the north of the Republic of Kosovo although the northern part is controlled by Serbia. Kosovo has a continental climate, warm in summer and cold and snowy in winter. They have choose Chigo HVAC Modular Chiller is because that it has a wide operation temperature, can stay high heating performance in extremely low temperature environment.

Project NamePunjab Technical University

Location: Mumbai , India

Equipment Installed: Chigo HVAC CMV-X Series VRF

Project DescriptionMumbai is rainy in summer, humid and hot, with temperatures up to 44 ° C, and winter temperatures generally as high as 25-30 ° C. CMV-X VRF can keep stable cooling at 50 degrees Celsius, incorporating DC twin-rotary compressors in outdoor units, compatible with the high-density refrigerant R410A. Thanks to the use of these dual-compressor systems, the system operation load is distributed more evenly, ensuring a phenomenal cooling performance at high temperatures.

Project Name: Hebei University Of Engineering


Equipment Installed:  CMV-X+ VRF

Project DescriptionThe school belongs to a public place, with many classrooms, dense population, large cooling capacity demand, and needs centralized management of equipment. Teachers and students also need a quiet learning environment, which has high requirements for air conditioning energy consumption, air purification capability, and quiet and efficient operation of the equipment.Therefore, Chigo HVAC combines the building structure and regional functional characteristics of the school, and provides an effective solution by using DC inverter CMV-X+ VRF group and cassettes.In order to ensure the installation and service quality of the project, the Chigo HVAC service team strictly manages and monitors the entire process from project design, equipment installation to system commissioning and delivery.