Chigo HVAC Brings 2019 New Product Training to Czech


A month after the new product was unveiled at the 129th Canton Fair, , Chigo HVAC held a three-day new product training session in Prague, Czech Republic from 23 to 25 this month for product upgrading in the European market. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that Chigo HVAC has organized a new product training seminar with local agent and manufacturer in Europe.

This conference were jointly organized by Chigo HVAC' and their Czech agents. The training content mainly includes the introduction of new and main products, and the promotion of key projects in Europe at this stage. As the first stop for the  training of Chigo HVAC products in the overseas market, the conference not only attracted local customers in the Czech Republic, but also attracted representatives from dealers and engineering companies from other countries.

At the training seminar, the technical engineer introduced the new light commercial air conditioner, the new generation of console, the heat pump, and the four-pipes heat recovery VRF . The new product not only achieves a greater degree of user experience improvement in the detailed design of the appearance, but also constantly upgrades the product features and wins the praise of customers.

In addition, the product survey questionnaire in the Chigo HVAC training SEMINAR reflects the CMV X+ series EVI VRF, R32 light commercial ac and EVI modular chiller are still the focus of customers in the European market. Chigo HVAC also conducted detailed product technology and sales points for the coming customers.

As a result of many years of technological innovations in Chigo HVAC, X+ series VRF, IPLV (C) up to 9.6, using industry-leading EVI technology and refrigerant cooling technology, can achieve -30 °C ultra-low temperature normal heating and operate stably up to 55 °C.

R32 light commercial acs capacity range of 14kW~42kW, can connect up to 5 indoor units, has a wide operating range, can achieve -15 °C ultra-low temperature normal heating, stable operation at 52 °C.

The new generation of EVI modular chiller has a new design and a itstructure is more compact. IPLV (C) up to 4.36, and can connect up to 30 internal machines in parallel, with a range of 30-2080KW.

The global market for Chigo HVAC central air-conditioning services relies on stable product quality and advanced R&D capability.Guided by the development strategy of Technology-Driven, Chigo HVAC  will continue to spare no effort to invest in R&D, and at the same time, continuously enhance the core competitiveness of its products.In the future, Chigo HVAC will continue to meet the needs of customers in different regions, so as to upgrade the market service level, further enhance the confidence of global customer.