Chigo HVAC Showed Up at 2019 Ukraine Aqua Therm Kiev


2019 Ukraine Aqua Therm Kiev was held at Kyivexpoplaza Exhibition Center on May 14th. Chigo HVAC attended this grand exhibition with its commercial air conditioner popular in various European countries, which is also one of the attractions of this exhibition. 

It is well known that this exhibition plays an important role in the Ukraine heating, ventilation, sanitary ware and air conditioning Industry. It not only acts as the vane for customers, but also a vital platform for companies from Ukraine and other surrounding markets to exhibit their products.

For these years, due to the rapid growth of Ukraine economy, especially the steady development of the industry power, building material for the office and residence building and architectural alteration, the demand for the cooling production has went up dramatically. Focused on the special climate and market in Ukraine, Chigo HVAC has displayed the series production of VRF, Light Commercial AC. These series can achieve fast heating under extreme cool condition with high energy efficiency. The temperature of indoor room can keep warm even the room empty for a long time in winter. Combined with cutting-edge technology and innovation, Chigo HVAC possesses the advantage of simple and elegant design, leading energy-saving technology and fast heating function, which boost the production of “made in China”, and attract a lot of audience. 

Besides, our agent in Ukraine will have a seminar conference with his partners in 22 major cities, providing the uniform for the installation team, helping the local users to solve every problem with best production, most profession team and the service with high quality. 

With the co-development of the global economy and the increasing demand for the air conditioner, Chigo HVAC will grasp this opportunity to strengthen our cooperation with the dealer in Ukraine. Also Chigo HVAC are determined to bring more high-quality production, bringing a comfortable life to the global customers.