Chigo HVAC Global Reference Projects Case Study


Project NameThe Houses of Parliament of Mauritania

LocationNouakchott, Mauritania

Equipment InstalledChigo HVAC CMV-C Series DC Inverter VRF + Air-cooled (Heat Pump) Modular Chiller

Project DescriptionThe project is located in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, in the northwestern part of Mauritania. It is a tropical desert climate with high temperatures and low rainfall, with an average annual temperature of 30-35 °C. The Chigo CMV-C Series VRF has been chosen to install in one of the country's most iconic listed buildings. CMV-C can maintain good performance under high temperature weather conditions and has higher energy saving efficiency by adopting high efficiency big displacement compressors.


Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Equipment Installed: Chigo HVAC CMV-I Series Individual Type VRF

Project DescriptionDhaka City is the capital of Bangladesh and one of the major cities in South Asia. The humidity of the air is high, and the temperature during the hottest season can be as high as 38 °C. CMV -i is not a modular product, it is individual type which is developed for those projects need high cost-performance ratio AC equipment.

Project Name: The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China in Sanya

Location: Sanya, China

Equipment Installed: DC Inverter VRFLight Commercial AC, Modular Chiller

Project DescriptionThe Project of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China in Sanya is one of the key projects of the Sanya City. Chigo HVAC have provide services to this project for nearly 120,000 square meters of construction area, including 15 primary and various infrastructures such as elementary school, junior high school, high school, office building, dormitory building, canteen, library and gymnasium.

Project Name: Langshan International Commercial Plaza


Equipment Installed: Air-cooled (Heat Pump) Modular Unit

Project DescriptionLangshan International Commercial Plaza is a 80,000 m2 commercial complex integrating large-scale supermarkets, department stores, hotels entertainment, office buildings and residences.  As this project was desired to meet energy saving and environmental considerationModular Unit has been chosen to install to get  industry-leading seasonal efficiency, outstanding energy savings, and installation flexibility was perfect for it.

In recent years, under the guidance of engineering marketing strategy, Chigo HVAC has gradually formed an engineering marketing system, and has continuously accumulated experience and improved capabilities in bidding. In the fields of commercial real estate, large-scale venues, educational institutions, hotel entertainment, medical institutions, transportation, government agencies, catering, etc., a number of large-scale high-end reference projects have been established, and the comprehensive strength of the brand has been demonstrated throughout the country and around the world.