16th Global Customer Technical Training Seminar Successfully Held by Chigo HVAC


In the past 2018, with the substantial increase in customer recognition, Chigo HVAC's overseas sales have achieved far greater growth than the industry level, and the globalization process has accelerated.Recently,Chigo HVAC international sales company organized the 16th Global Customer Technical Training Seminar.

The training Seminar was held from April 22 to April 24 for a three-day period. The agenda included factory visits, product training, technical selection, prototype disassembly and installation, which attracted distributors and engineers from different countries to  participate.

Before the start of the training course, overseas customers visited the exhibition hall, factory and product testing center accompanied by Chigos staff. During the visiting, overseas customers gave high praise to the company's production environment and the excellent performance of the products. This visit will undoubtedly bring a good foundation for Chigo HVAC's longer-term cooperation with overseas customers and technology marketing strategy.

In the next few days, a number of sales engineers used a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, discussions, practical exercises, and tests to ensure that customers deepened their understanding of product structure, familiarity with control systems, engineering selection, and product installation and other content.

In the future, Chigo Central Air Conditioning will further take advantage of technology and sales resources on the basis of improving the global sales network. Continuously improve our own technical level, provide better technical services to customers from all over the world, strengthen cooperation with customers around the world, accelerate the strategic layout of globalization, and strive to realize the corporate mission of “Be a professional central air-conditioning equipment supplier” .