3 Highlights of Chigo HVAC’S Products on Canton Fair 2019


On April 15, 2019, the 125th Canton Fair was grandly opened at Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. As the most comprehensive international trade event in China with the longest history, the Canton Fair has always been a place of great competition among major businesses. As one of the leading companies in the field of central air conditioning, Chigo HVAC has brought a series of new products to the Canton Fair. In addition to its more fashionable appearance, Chigo HVAC's display models have been given higher technological content and more humanized design, which was immediately attracted people's attention.



Highlight 1: New Look -(VRF,& light Commercial Out Door Unit)

Most of the new appearances of the VRF and the Light Commercial out door unit, after a long preparation, finally from the design drawings to physical development. Three-dimensional cutting design, fashionable, gives a strong visual impact, while making its structure more solid and stable, clearly separating the existing similar product style, greatly improving the market identification of the product.

In addition to its unique design, the Chigo HVAC’s VRF can achieve up to four external units in parallel, and the maximum capacity of a single system is 128HP, which fully meets the needs of different engineering projects. The  light Commercial out door unit with a new duct design, , the air volume is increased by 10%, the noise is reduced by 5db, and the high temperature and corrosion resistance makes it work in harsh outdoor environments for a long time without compromising product performance.


Highlight 2: New Performance( Air handler, Top Discharge Outdoor Unit, Fresh Air Processor& Multi-Function Duct Unit)

The new Air handler’s energy efficiency up to 18 SEER, adopts the industry's advanced fuzzy logic control technology, flexible installation, can be installed in vertical or horizontal. Its TXV detachable design makes maintenance more convenient.Top discharge outdoor unit adopts adopts method of cooling by using refrigerant, and it can achieve “ultra-low frequency non-stop operation” with high-efficiency DC compressor capable of stepless speed regulation. Therefore, it can ensure the stability of the indoor temperature and provide a more comfortable experience for the user.


The Fresh Air Processor  exchanges heat by using suction, and the wind speed is more uniform; Its high efficiency recovery filter element saves energy and is more environmentally friendly and the noise is lower to make sure the user has a more comfortable experience. The multi-function Duct unit can achieve a variety of health and comfort functions such as fresh air, humidification, purification, dehumidification without cooling, and is the best choice for high-end residential.


Highlight 3: New Upgrade(Console and Ultra-Silent Duct Unit)

The Console is mainly upgraded in terms of comfort. The wind is coming out from above when cooling, and the design of the wind coming out from above and below when heating is more in line with the thermodynamic characteristics. This product used an ultra-silent wind wheel, so it has excellent noise control ability, which made it ahead of similar products on the market.

Ultra-silent duct unit is lighter in weight and thinner to 200mm, saving installation space and noise as low as 18dB for ultra-quiet operation.

Since its establishment in 2011, Chigo HVAC has invested in building a leading laboratory group to improve ability of testing, introduce cutting-edge talents to improve R&D ability , and introduce modern production lines and production equipment to greatly increase production capacity.  The sales performance of Chigo HVAC has been growing rapidly year after year. It is steadily moving towards the direction of internationalization, and gradually establishes an international brand image in overseas markets.