The 2018 Annual Meeting of Overseas Marketing Company Successfully concluded


On January 26th, the 2018 annual meeting of Chigo HVAC Overseas Marketing Company came to a successful conclusion in three days. This annual meeting made a comprehensive and objective summary of the company's development in 2018. It proposed the company's development plans for each department in 2019, and commended the annual advanced business areas and advanced individuals.

In enterprise management, building a corporate culture that is willing to share can not only improve the individual competitiveness of employees, but also improve the overall competitiveness of the company. The use of the team's brainstorming to solve existing problems will make the company run more efficiently and orderly. At the annual meeting, the participants listened to Yang Bin's wonderful sharing of market development, and participants combined with their own market situation, formed their own unique market development methods with regional characteristics. Through in-depth analysis of existing problems, leaders of various departments work together to find effective solutions and form effective implementation strategies to provide strong support for the achievement of the 2019 goal.



Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and comprehensive product knowledge are the basis for overseas marketing to become bigger and stronger. In order to create a strong learning atmosphere, in addition to daily independent learning and product training, the annual meeting arranged a comprehensive examination to test Learning outcomes and stimulating enthusiasm for continuous learning.

No matter whether it is a front-running, high-spirited business person, or a back-office employee who is behind the scenes and silently dedicated, all efforts will not be buried. At the celebration dinner, the overseas marketing company held a grand award ceremony to recognize the teams and individuals who performed well in sales and supports in 2018, motivate more employees to learn from the strugglers, and constantly strive to achieve in their respective fields. realize self-worth, making outstanding contributions to the company's development.