The 2019 Chigo HVAC banquet Ended Successfully


        Time flies and a new year started. On January 28th, the 2019 Chigo HVAC banquet with the theme of “Keeping the Heart and Sheer Endeavor” ended successfully. This night, all colleagues gathered together to open an annual event of joy, affection, memories and vision.

        Colleagues of Chigo HVAC all dressed up to attend the 2019 Chigo HVAC banquet, the scene is full of joy and peace, people take this opportunity to communicate with each other and celebrate the new year together. the beautiful ending of 2018 opens a new year full of ceremonies and hope.

        "The rapid development and continuous breakthrough of Chigo HVAC is inseparable from the unremitting efforts of all the colleagues, and cannot be separated from the support of the employees' families. I wish all of us could working together for a new chapter of development." – said by Zhang Quan, general manager of Chigo HVAC.