Chigo HVAC VRF launch seminar was successfully held in Oman


On November 12th, local time, Chigo HVAC's VRF launch seminar was grandly opened at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Muscat, Oman. More than 100 participants including Chigo HVAC Oman agent and distributors, local contractors and professional consultants were invited to attend. This launch seminar explained our CMV- X+ VRF and the new CMV-Mini VRF in detail, which left a deep impression on the participants, the launch seminar also indicates that our CMV-X+ EVI VRF are officially came on to the market. 


At the meeting, Sales minister of Western Asia Cindy Wu firstly introduced the corporate profile,made customers have more clear understanding of our brand and strength. enhanced the confidence of our customers to continue to cooperate with us. Then Zack Tang, the manager of the Sales support department, gave a professional and detailed explanation to the company's new VRF products. 


The full DC inverter CMV-X+ VRF is upgraded from CMV-X series. It uses EVI compressor to improve its heating efficiency in a low-temperature environment, achieves operation at -30 °C , at -15 °C heating without attenuation, at the same time, the unit can also achieve cooling in a high temperature environment of 55 ° C. The new CMV-Mini VRF adopts three-dimensional cutting design, fashionable and novel, bionic leaf design, uniform air output, aerodynamic performance is greatly improved, the condenser thermal performance is improved by 20%, and the noise is reduced by 5dB.

The successful Opening of this VRF launch seminar has played a positive role in promoting sales in the Middle East. It not only allows distributers to have a deeper understanding of the company's new products and technologies, but also allows us to get valuable market feedback, let us hear the voice from the first line of the market, which will provide us with new ideas for future product development.