Chigo HVAC New Products Showcased at 124th Canton Fair


On October 15, 2018, the 124th Canton Fair was grandly opened at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. The Chigo exhibition area was crowded. This year, Chigo HVAC displayed the company's latest products to showcase the company's value and technology. It is endowed with a stylish appearance and more humanized design,attract the attention of the majority of merchants.

In this Canton Fair, Chigo HVAC has displayed a series of highly competitive new products: the new generation of VRF and mini VRF, the new design floor ceiling unit, ultra-quiet duct, Console indoor unit, full heat exchange air processor , also showcased the high-efficiency top-discharge outdoor unit and the high-efficiency air handler that embody the technical strength of our company. The new products and innovative technologies are highly praised and customers lingered at the booth.

Chigo HVAC booth divided into 3 parts: VRF area, light commercial area and corporate strength area

VRF area

VRF ,as the representative of Chigo HVAC technical strength, the new generation of VRF after a year of demonstration and preliminary preparation, and finally from the drawings to physical development. The design is inspired by the exhaust air duct of the super sports car. Through the cutting of the block surface and the application of the trapezoidal elements, it gives a strong sense of power and strong visual impact, while making its structure more solid and stable. In addition, in the design of the hood, the horizontal grille design is boldly adopted, and the new air duct guiding technology is used. combined with the product trend of the equipment category, the gap with the existing similar product style is clearly widened.,enhanced the market recognition of products. In the future, all products of Chigo HVAC will adopt this design and form a family style.

The mini VRF with new appearance, adopts family style design, three-dimensional cutting, fashionable and novel, bionic leaf design, uniform air, aerodynamic performance has been greatly improved. The condenser's heat exchange performance is increased by 20% and the noise is reduced by 5dB.

The new floor ceiling unit uses gray and white color, ultra-thin body, silent air duct design, 3D air supply, the wind supply distance is farther and more uniform.

The Console indoor unit is mainly designed with a number of optimizations in heating comfort. When cooling, wind comes from the top side, and when heating, the wind comes from bottom. this design is more in line with the thermodynamic characteristics of the air; the use of the ultra-quiet cross-flow wind wheel contribute greatly to the decrease of the noise, far ahead of similar products on the market.

Ultra-quiet duct is lighter in weight and thinner to 200mm thick, which effectively reduces installation space and noise as low as 18dB, perfect  ultra-quiet operation.

The large air volume design of the 7HP floor standing unit makes the air supply distance farther, the cooling effect is better, and fills the blank of the product on the market.

The full heat exchanger adopts suction heat exchange, and the wind speed is more uniform; using high efficiency heat recovery filter , energy saving and environmentally friendly; the noise is lower, and the user has a more comfortable experience.

Light commercial area

The inverter top discharge outdoor unit directly displays the electronic control system with refrigerant cooling through the transparent acrylic window, which greatly improves the reliability of the electronic control. This outdoor unit adopts Mitsubishi DC inverter compressor, which is highly efficient and quiet. Efficient heat exchanger piping design greatly enhances heat transfer efficiency and energy efficiency up to 18SEER.

The new air handler energy efficiency up to 18SEER. It is designed with a large air volume volute , flexible installation, Vertical or horizontal installation. The TXV detachable design makes maintenance more convenient. The optimal size design makes the loading quantity greatly increased, effectively reducing transportation costs.

Corporate strength area:

The corporate strength display area has made a good impression to the merchants through detailed interpretation of Chigo HVAC R&D design, manufacturing, quality control, professional management, etc. Since its establishment in 2011, Chigo HVAC has spared no effort in the investment and construction industry leading laboratory to improve inspection and testing level, introduce cutting-edge talents to improve R&D ability, introduce professional Japanese experts to develop core technology, introduce modern production lines and production equipment to greatly increase production capacity... Strong corporate strength helps a lot in market and business scale development , Chigo HVAC's sales performance has been growing rapidly year after year, and it is steadily moving towards the path of internationalization.

All along, Chigo HVAC relies on continuous improvement of its own management, continuous innovation and technology research and development, strict quality control and intimate pre-sales ,sales and after-sales service, promote enterprise development by project marketing, and steadily shift to engineering marketing strategy, gradually establish an international brand image in overseas markets. and let the world fall in love with Chigo green.