2018 Chigo HVAC Mid-year Conference Successfully Closed


On July 12th, the mid-year meeting of the Chigo HVAC with the theme of “Riveting Strength and Be Brave To Exploit ” was grandly opened in the scenic Fontainebleau Hotel. The heads of various departments gathered together to summarize the work in the first half of 2018 and work out the plan of second half of the year. The mid-year meeting lasted for three days and ended on July 14th.

In first half of 2018, Chigo HVAC have made many big progresses in sales, exceeding the sales task. The sales performance has increased by more than 30%. The outstanding performance is attributed to the efforts of all employees, market recognition and customer trust. Chigo HVAC will continue to uphold the spirit of the strugglers, work hard to develop a broader market, and hand over a perfect answer to the central air conditioning market.