Chigo HVAC VRF,Modular Chiller Serving The 31st African Union Summit


The 31st African Union Summit opened on July 1st at the Mauritania International Conference Center , and the air-conditioning system that provide comfortable environment for the AU leaders came from the national brand of China. – Guangdong Chigo Heating & Ventilation Equipment CO,.LTD.

The International Conference Center in Nouakchott, covers an area of 24,000 square meters, with a total 3,200 seats in the main conference hall. It has already held many international conferences since its establishment. Conference center always has very strict requirements for the reliability and comfort. Our equipment can serve the conference center is closely related to the promotion of energy saving, eco friendly technology application and product innovation by Chigo HVAC. the conference center adopts our CMV-mini series, CMV-C series, modular chiller according to the different application places , and the total capacity is 3640KW, which effectively solves the air conditioning demand and provides comfortable and healthy meetings for the participants.

Chigo HVAC has won the trust and favor of more and more customers. Air-conditioning equipment is widely used in large and medium-sized projects such as schools, medical centers, hotels, transportation facilities, venues, government projects, etc, leading technology ,high-quality products, warm hearted after-sales service, Chigo HVAC will continue to provide global customers with a comprehensive central air conditioning system solution that integrates high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and health.