Chigo HVAC shining at the 2018 MCE Expo,steadily shifting to project marketing


On March 13th, local time, the Italian 2018MCE Expo, which was held once every two years, was grandly opened and attracted thousands of top brands from the global HVAC industry to exhibit. As one of the important exhibitors, Chigo HVAC took the opportunity to bring its core products to show its strength, such as high-efficiency and energy-saving VRF and lighter commercial products, and also carried out promotional preheating for the upcoming new generation VRF product with EVI technology. It was deeply favored by the international buyers ,and a continuous stream of visitors came to our booth for business negotiations.

Italy is a main part of the European air-conditioning market. The MCE Expo was started in 1960 and is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in the field of heating and cooling in the world today. There are more than 2,000 exhibitors and over 160,000 visitors take active part in it every year.

As a famous Chinese supplier brand focused on the central air-conditioning field, Chigo HVAC entered the European market as early as 2002. Energy saving high efficient VRF and light commercial products served the Russian World Cup Volgograd Arena and Nizhny Novgorod Stadiums, the Turkish Post Processing Center, the Czech Museum of History and other large and medium-sized projects in the world, benchmarking projects in the commercial, industrial, hotel, airport and other fields, has won wide acclaim of users.

   In this exhibition, the full DC Inverter CMV-X series exhibited by Chigo HVAC is undoubtedly the star that attract most of the visitors’ attention. This product use DC compressors and DC motors, which represent the world's leading technology, and can match the cooling needs of different environments and different buildings in certain regions of Europe, while meeting the European building energy efficiency standards.

In recent years, Chigo HVAC has been steadily advancing its transformation into project marketing and its sales network has spread all over the world. With good brand reputation, excellent quality, excellent service, and rich experience in overseas projects, we have won many titles in the competition with international brands. In the future, Chigo HVAC will continue to follow the development trend of the international market, provide more energy saving and high efficient air-conditioning products for more users, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the global HVAC industry.