Chigo HVAC show grandly in 2018 Climate World Russia


On Feb. 27, the annual Climate World Russia, lasting for four days, was opened grandly at Moscow Expo Centre, Russia. Chigo HVAC showcased VRF products, light commercial products and so on, which fully represented the development trend of central air conditioning industry: Energy-saving, Eco-friendly and High-efficiency.

Climate World is the largest and the most professional HVACR exhibition in former Soviet Union area, or even in Eastern Europe. It attracts hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors from over 20 countries every year. Most international famous manufacturers in refrigeration industry will attend this exhibition, Exhibit products cover residential air conditioners, central air conditioners, heat exchangers, ventilation and refrigeration instruments, heating radiator, floor heating, heating systems, solar power water heaters and so on.

Air conditioner demand in Russia is increasing year by year, especially in Moscow and southern areas. Along with the rapid development of real estate industry in Russia, besides residential houses, advanced houses, office buildings, plenty of large-scale western supermarkets, chain stores and hotels are under construction or reconstruction, which will increase the demand for air conditioning equipment greatly. This professional and high-quality exhibition has successfully attracted numerous suppliers and buyers, becoming an important display and trade platform for air conditioning equipment.

As main supplier in the global air conditioning industry, Chigo HVAC mainly displayed CMV-mini series. By adopting latest generation of high efficiency DC inverter compressor, CMV-mini series air conditioners can realize turbo heating under ultra-low ambient temperature of -20 and turbo cooling under ambient temperature of 50 as well, which has greatly increased the heating capacity under severe cold environment, fully meet the demand of the market and users, successfully attracts buyer’s interest.

Thanks to the complete product line-up, advanced technologies and high-quality products, Chigo HVAC has captured the eyes of many foreign customers and purchasing groups. By relying on core technologies and high quality, Chigo HVAC successfully showed the competitive edge in design, quality and service, let Chigo Green loved by the world.