Review of CHIGO HVAC in the 122nd Canton Fair


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                                                         CHIGO HVAC Booth  

15th October, first day of the 122nd Canton Fair, and also first day of the typhoon Kanu arrives. Early in the morning at 750 am, the weather was so terrible, it seemed that it was going to rain. CHIGO HVAC staffs still set off on time from the company in Foshan to Pazhou for the Canton Fair, though the weather was not very well. In this day they were going to meet their old and new friends from all over the world in Pazhou. So they were all  full of passion and vitality.

                                               Happy communicating moments   

The Canton Fair, not only provides opportunities for CHIGO to display its latest products and innovation strength, but also to meet their old and new friends. Mr. Li Xinghao, the president of CHIGO group, highly values the Canton Fair, “To some extent, the Canton Fair is a global business conference for CHIGO, we wish to push CHIGO brand and our competitive products to the global market.”



On 15th Oct, the 122nd Canton Fair took place as schedule, CHIGO HVAC, as an AC enterprise which has been participated in this exhibition for many years, showed off its new generation VRF series ,top-discharge outdoor unit ,ceiling cassette ,air handler, ducted unit, and other kinds of products this time. In the first day of this global exhibition, CHIGO HVAC has successfully met hundreds of friends, buyers, discussed their cooperation plans together. Buyers came to CHIGO booth to get more information about its products.And our cute and lovely CHIGO mascot, Little Tiger, also attracted a large number of buyers to take photos with them.

                                                      Our Booth is full of people  



                                         Some buyers' photos with CHIGO' s Little Tiger 

 Media focus

Just like the previous sessions of the Canton Fair, CHIGO, leader of the high-end air-conditioning, is still the focus of media attention, not only attracts the eyes of CCTV, GDTV and other mainstream media,but also obtains the competing reports of the industry media, such as Huicong Home Appliances Network, Technology Channel, Appliance Consumption Network and so on. 

                                     Mr.Li Xinghao,Interviewed By GDTV


                                             CHIGO HVAC , reported by CCTV

See you in the next session of Canton Fair.