GCHV Officially Restart Production on February 10


After taking into account Chinese government mandatory(extending the Chinese New Year closure of companies and their facilities)and protection of our employees, GCHV have changed our production restarting on Febuary 10, 2020. Before restarting production, in order to ensure the safe operation of the company, GCHV formulated a strict prevention and control plan based on its actual situation,which was reviewed and approved by the Chinese government.

Because the impact of Coronavirus outbreak in China, GCHV launched a series of health protection systems and humanized measures during the restarting of work, including ensuring all-round disinfection of the factory area, supply of masks during the work period of employees, suspension of domestic and foreign business trips by domestic employees, shifts to and from work, and ordering food to seats.GCHV will continue to adjust according to the development of the epidemic situation and promise to do our best to protect the physical and mental health of each GCHV employee.

Compared to the original holiday plan, GCHV was delayed from work for 7 days, In addition, in order to ensure the orderly progress of overseas orders, under the premise of policy permits and safe production, GCHV's departments closely related to global business, produced and operated as planned during the production restart period, and production capacity was gradually restored, strive to ensure the orderly development of global business.