2020-- GCHV OEM &Global Sales Division is Ready for the New Journey


From January 12th to January 14th, 2020, the annual meeting of GCHV OEM&Global Sales Division was held in Heshan, Jiangmen. The annual meeting focused on the theme of "New Journey, Striding from the Beginning". It summarized the past year's business management model and formulated The marketing strategy and route of 2020.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Wang Feng, deputy general manager of GCHV and general manager of the OEM & Global Sales Division, focused on "management, sales data, products" and other business priorities, conducted quantitative analysis and regional inventory of overseas marketing market work in 2019.

At the end of the meeting, Wang Feng held a significant signing ceremony of the responsibility system with the relevant person in charge of the business districts. The signing takes into account the sales performance of each region in 2019, which is a requirement to strengthen responsibilities and increase pressure on personnel at all levels, and is also an important guarantee for the growth of corporate benefits and the benefits of employees.

This annual meeting of the OEM &Global Sales Division is a new journey. 2019 has passed, and 2020, where opportunities and challenges coexist, and risks and benefits coexist, has come to us. We firmly believe that next year's OEM &Global Sales Division of GCHV will usher in a better transformation.