The 2020 Annual Party of GCHV Was Held Grandly


2020 is the tenth year of the establishment of GCHV. Even if it is a stormy journey, it never stops moving forward. On January 10, 2020, the company hosted a year-end dinner with the theme of "2020 Chinese New Year". At this moment of farewell to the old and welcome the new, more than 600 employees gathered together, toasted and celebrated, and jointly promised the Chinese New Year's vision.

In 2019, GCHV accomplished its equity exchange. The management team turned from a group of senior managers into the company's shareholders, which provided new momentum, directions and goals for the development of the company. In the end, GCHV underwent a transformation in 2019. It is obviously positive, which can be seen from the double-digit growth achieved by GCHV in 2019.

As night fell, all members of the GCHV gathered to attend the dinner. Staff from various departments carefully prepared performances, and the lively singing and dancing scene added joy to the whole night. Of course, in order to thank colleagues for their hard work in the past year, GCHV also prepared rich prizes, seeing the happy smiles of various employees when they won the prize, we are proud of being a employee of GCHV.

2020 will be a year in which opportunities and challenges coexist, and a year in which GCHV strives to win more breakthroughs and achievements. In 2020, the GCHV management team will continue to lead the whole company to further deepen the market, give full play to the advantages of the full range of GCHV products, seize new market growth points, and strive to achieve greater progress and development in the challenges and opportunities of 2020 .