The 2020 GCHV Domestic Partner Conference Was Held in Wuhan


On January 7, the 2020 GCHV Domestic Partner Conference was held in Wuhan. Zhang Quan, CEO of GCHV and Wang Feng, deputy general manager of GCHV (general manager of OEM & Global Sales Dept.) and more than 200 GCHV’s distributors and suppliers from all over the country, HVAC experts and media reviewed the achievements made by GCHV in 2019, and looked forward to the coming 2020.

2019: Transformation and Growth

In 2019, GCHV accomplished its equity exchange. The management team turned from a group of senior managers into the company's shareholders, which provided new momentum, directions and goals for the development of the company. In the end, GCHV underwent a transformation in 2019. It is obviously positive, which can be seen from the double-digit growth achieved by GCHV in 2019.

In 2019, due to the Trade War and the decline in domestic economic growth, the downward trend of China's central air-conditioning market is obvious. However, by deepening engineering and marketing strategies, the overall sales performance of GCHV increased despite this trend: the sales of VRF and Modular Chiller steadily increased, while heat pumps for heating were fully developed; sales channels were greatly expanded, and customer base continued to grow; sales to projects grew by 22%. ,  The company continued to receive project orders worth more than tens of millions of RMB.

2020: New Marketing & Dual Brand Strategy

Facing the opportunities and challenges in the market in 2020, GCHV will continue to invest more in research, development and technological innovation, and create a diversified product line, improve lean production and manufacturing levels, and enhance product competitiveness. In terms of marketing strategy, GCHV will focus on professional development in the field of engineering marketing and continue to promote the upgrading and transformation of channels.

Zhang Quan revealed in his speech that in 2020, in face of new market development opportunities, GCHV will continue to use the Chigo brand for a long time while launching new brands and implementing a dual-brand strategy. In terms of sales of CAC, GCHV will launch a series of engineering products "GCHV" in 2020, with the aim of rapidly increasing the number of professional customers, upgrading project operation skills, project scale, and customer quality; working with design institutes and experts in professional fields to carry out in-depth cooperation; build a marketing team with project interest. In terms of small machine sales, channels are sinking rapidly to third- and fourth-tier cities; maintaining policy continuity so that capable and confident customers dare to invest.

2020 is the tenth year of the development of GCHV. If the change of equity has opened a new chapter for GCHV, it is believed that GCHV, which is standing at a new starting point, will give us more wonderful interpretations in the future. We are looking forward to the new journey of GCHV, which can achieve the goal of 20% sales growth in 2020 and double sales in 2-3 years.